Here you will find many thousands of bestselling karaoke songs and music in CD+G/DVD Format or Download For Instant Access in MP3 Format from the Amazon.com range.  Amazon have over 17,000 Karaoke CD’s in their product range and over 300 DVD Titles so this would undoubtedly make it one of the biggest ranges of Karaoke music and songs on the planet and would cover most peoples taste and all genres of music.








We have chosen only the top selling Karaoke CDs from Amazon for your selection.If you had a desire to delve deeper or can’t find what you need use the Amazon search engine to dig out your favorite Karaoke CD.

Click on Karaoke Machines in the left panel and you will find the best selling machines or systems on the market. Things in the planning stage for this site include, articles and tips to help you with your singing and performances. Included at a later stage, product reviews on such things as Learn To Sing Tutorial and software thats out there on the web. At the moment we are “test driving” a number of the better known brand Karaoke machines and we will be presenting a review of the good bad and the ugly across the range. Our goal is to make this site a rich resource for all things Karaoke so that you may find many tools to help you make better choices in your selection of music and equipment and to assist you in becoming better singers/performers if that’s your choice or just get more enjoyment from your singing. The best parties and get togethers are those that have a mike and some Karaoke CD+Gs or a karaoke machine.